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For the Home

Wood and brass wall mount
Dial window mount

Pack of 3 Country Designs

Gilt Thermometer / Humidity Meter

Gilt Thermometer / Humidity Meter with Max / Min

Mini 65mm Dial Humidity Gauge

Mini 65mm Dial Thermometer

Twin 65mm Dial Temperature & Humidity

Electronic Max / Min

Electronic Temperature and Humidity

For the Kitchen


Premium Chrome Dial Fridge / Freezer

Premium Chrome Dial Oven

Premium Meat with Descriptive Text

Stainless Cooking

Wine Stopper

Dial Frying

For the Garden


Rain Gauge

Moisture Meter

Ph Meter

Dial Soil

For the Nursery


Pack of 3 Childrens Designs

Nursery / Patio 300mm Dial

For Health Care


Clinical Electronic Oral C

Clinical Electronic Oral F

Clinical Electronic Flex Oral

E-Care Clinical Digital Ear

E-Care Spare Probe covers

Scana Clinical Digital Ear

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Nurses FOB Watch

Gift Nurse Symbol Wrist Watch

Bargain Basement


Fish Shaped Bath


Plastic Wall Mount

Wood Wall Mount

Plastic Fridge / Freezer

Stainless Dial Oven

Electronic Indoor Outdoor

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